Wide Throw Bearing Hinges-Five Knuckle Heavy Weight Series T4A3386/T4A3786


• Heavy weight hinges should be used on all extra heavy doors or those exposed to high frequency use
• T4A3386- Stainless steel base
• T4A3786- Steel base material
• For Beveled Edge, where doors are beveled on hinge side, specify T4A4386 or TA4786


Catalog Page

T4A3386/T4A3786 Wide Throw Five Knuckle Heavy Weight Catalog Page

T4A3386 and T4A3786 Full Mortise Wide Throw Hinges Part43.pdf (.pdf, 188 kB)

Published 9 Jul 2012



Code Description
NRP Non-Removable Pin
T4B Ball Bearing
TCA Concealed Bearing
RC Round Corner
HT Hospital Tip
BT Ball Tip
ST Steeple Tip
SSF Safety Stud Feature
QC ElectroLynx Hinge
CC Concealed Circuit
MM Magnetic Monitoring


*QC and CC options available on hinges up to 6" wide