McKinney Full Surface Center Pivot - MCK-58HD

Designed for retrofit work and can be used for new construction and renovation projects applications where the pivot point must be centered between the door and frame, where the frame face is less than 11/2" and when applied to the exposed surface of the door and frame.

  • Extruded 6063-T6 aluminum alloy/temper with pinless assembly
  • Special hinge reinforcements are not required. Hollow metal door and frame manufacturers’ standard is acceptable. Removal of hinge reinforcements in the door and frame is not advised
  • Frame portion all fasteners are #12-24 x 7⁄16" Type C, F H U/C thread-forming screws. Twelve screws are required for frame leaf (83") hinge. Screws are required per leaf and should be specified when ordering
  • 1⁄2 x 12-24 Torx Security Head Machine Screws available on request
  • Door Portion requires four 1⁄4-20 x 1-5⁄8" Thru-Bolts per hinge and four 1⁄4-20 x 1" PCH Shoulder Bolts. Six Pan Head Self Drilling #12 x 3⁄4 required per hinge
  • Available in custom lengths (specify handing and length in inches)and custom finishes (consult factory for availability)

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