McKinney Aluminum Continuous Geared Electric Hinge (SER and ACC Option)

The McKinney electrified continuous hinge is furnished polyurethane coated 4, 8, or 12 TRI-FLEX titanium copper alloy cables with Molex connectors at each leaf.

Two options allow variable degrees of service to be performed at the specific location of current carrying cables via either a removable 8" or a pivoting 8" section of the hinge. Both of these options, SER, and ACC are available as 4, 8 or 12 wire configurations.

• Performance tested 3,000,000 cycles with the TRI-FLEX titanium copper alloy cables
• Each cable carries 7 amps continuous @ 24 volts with a 16 amp in-rush for 820 milliseconds
• TRI-FLEX cable conductor is warranted for 5 years
• Hinges are handed
• Available on edge hung aluminum continuous hinges
• Each electrical prep is supplied with a 180" wire harness
• Standardized prep locations on 83", 85", 95" and 120" hinges

About ElectroLynx®


As part of their promise to provide innovative, fast and effective high security solutions to their customers, certain ASSA ABLOY Group brands offer ElectroLynx®, a universal quick-connect system that simplifies the electrification of the door opening.

ElectroLynx® is a registered trademark of ASSA ABLOY Inc.

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