McKinney MCK-HM304 Hinge

This pin and barrel type hinge is used to repair wooden doors that have split, or are chipped and dented from traffic abuse. The surface mounted frame leaf allows for easy retrofit installation. This hinge can be used to reverse the handing or swing of the door without any modifications to the existing door.

  • 3⁄16" diameter stainless steel barrel type hinge pin. Medical bearings. Stainless steel end pins 
  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge 304 stainless steel finished in US32D (630). Cover-extruded aluminum with brushed aluminum finish 
  • Fasteners concealed when door is closed. Fastener screwpack includes Custom 12-24 x 11/16 S.S Phillips Flat Head Undercut TEK Screws, 1/4-14 x 3/4 Security TORX TEK Screws, Zinc #8 x 3/4" PFH Tek, Zinc, Cover Clip
  • Supports weight up to 600lbs. 4'0" maximum door width
  • Symmetrically templated hole pattern. Handing required on 6'8", 7'2" and for most optional features 
  • Exterior barrel diameter .438 (7⁄16") 
  • Optional features include custom lengths (specify handing and length in inches), custom hole patterns, tamper-proof security screws
  • When installed on a 16 gauge (or heavier) metal frame, hinge reinforcements are not required, nor are they recommended. However, if the frames are equipped with mortise hinge reinforcements, removal is not advised 
  • ANSI/BHMA Standard A156.26 Grade 1

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