McKinney Full Mortise Single Acting Spring Hinge: Standard Weight - 1502/1552

Recommended for standard weight, medium frequency doors in place of door closers in apartments, hotels, motels, office buildings, etc.

  • Spring hinges are an alternative to door closing devices.Generally two hinges on the door must be spring hinges to provide adequate closing force. NFPA requires a minimum of two (2) spring hinges on labeled doors
  • This non-handed spring hinge series is adjustable and tension can be added or reduced by means of a hex key that is provided
  • Locking screw provides tamper-resistance after the proper tension has been set. For unparalleled tamper resistance and security choose the TRS option
  • Caution: Use of gasketing for smoke or sound protection, wind conditions or unbalanced air pressure, twisted or misaligned frames or doors, door bottoms, improper latch adjustment may prevent doors from latching. Additional spring hinges may be required.

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